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Terms & Conditions

The following are the terms & conditions applicable to all sales of collectibles and other items here at seans4sale.com, as well as to my eBay auctions.  Please take the time to read these terms, and if you have any questions, please ask.

WARRANTEES, GUARANTEES & REPRESENTATIONS:  All sales are final.  Ask questions before you bid if you have any questions.  I make no warrantees, guarantees or representations, other than those which are explicitly made in the listing.

AUTHENTICITY:  The only warranty made as to all items listed is that of "authenticity" - That is, the item listed is warranted to be the item listed.  For example - a First U.S. edition of work by Charles Dickens, is warranted to be just that: A First U.S. edition of that work, and not some other edition.  A copy of Amazing Spider-Man #1 (1963) is warranted to be a real, original (not reprinted) copy of Amazing Spider-Man #1 (1963).  Whenever an item is known to be a reprint or a copy or a reproduction, it is described as such.  This is the only warranty that is made, either expressly or impliedly.

PHOTOGRAPHS & SCANS:  Other than in large lots of lower-valued items, I do my best to provide a high-resolution, digital photograph or scan of the item being listed.  When a high-res photo or scan is provided, please examine it and make your own determination as to condition or quality.  If you have any questions about the item, its condition, whatever, ask before you bid.  (A note about photos: I am not a professional photographer, and so I do the best I can.  If you are not sure whether something you see in a photo might be a result of a poor or blurry photo, please ask.)

RETURNS:  I will only accept a return of an item if I have made some misrepresentation in the listing - that is, if I have made a specific statement of fact that is not correct or accurate.  All items are assumed to be originals and to be complete, unless otherwise specified.  Examples of this:  A book or comic book that is missing pages and this has not been noted in the listing - An item that is listed as "original" but is actually a reproduction - A piece of china that is described as "porcelain" but is actually made of glass.

SHIPPING:  Shipping is by U.S.P.S. Priority Mail, insured, in very secure packaging.  The cost of shipping is generally noted in the item's listing, although some items - if particularly heavy - will be based upon your location, and may not be known until the end of the auction.  You are responsible for the cost of shipping in addition to the item's final bid or sale price.  For expensive items, or special situations, I will consider alternative means of shipping - but make no promises.

INSURANCE:  Insurance is not optional, and its cost along with delivery confirmation will be included in the shipping costs for your item.  Your item(s) will be insured for the amount of the final bid/sale price.

PAYMENT:  Unless otherwise noted in the listing - We accept payments via Paypal, certified/cashier's checks, and money orders.  No personal checks.  (No cash--for crying out loud, does anybody actually send cash in the mail?)  Your lot will be shipped out within two (2) days of the verified receipt of funds.  Paypal payments can be almost instantaneous - using a credit card or bank account - but may be somewhat delayed when using eCheck, as the transaction must clear through your bank.


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