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 Please Note:  This lot - as listed below - is not available.
This lot is being (or will be) offered in individual year sets.
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Sunday Strips:
 1939-1940 (#1-61) |  1941 (#62-113) |  1942 (#114-165) |  1943 (#166-217) |  1944 (#218-268)

Daily Strips:
The daily strips collection, featuring a nearly-complete collection of Superman daily strips from 1939 through 1944, will be offered in a separate auction.  Check back at Seans4Sale.com to see when the daily lot will be offered on eBay.

THIS IS IT!  The greatest auction for Superman Sunday newspaper comic strips to come down the eBay pike in a whole heck of a long time.  (A similarly huge collection of Superman Daily newspaper comic strips will be offered shortly in another lot on eBay.)

WHAT IS BEING SOLD:  A large collection of very early Superman newspaper comic strips, from the first few years of the strip.  Although originally conceived as a comic strip by creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster in the early 1930's, Superman nonetheless managed to make his first published appearance in the June 1938 issue of DC Comics' Action Comics (No. 1).  Making his way the long way around, Superman finally debuted in the newspaper as a daily on January 16, 1939, and later, on November 5, 1939, as a Sunday comic strip. 

SUNDAY STRIPS:  The collection of Sunday strips is nearly complete, from the beginning of its run on November 5, 1939 (#1) through December 17, 1944 (#268), missing only numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 8 and 9  -  A total of 262 beautiful, full-color Superman Sundays, most of which are in very nice to excellent condition, and most of which are in their full-sized (Half Page) versions.  Only a few are in the full-page Tabloid format, and a handful are in the smaller third-page size, though complete format.  The Sunday collection consists of almost the first five solid years of this classic series.

TERMS OF SALE:  This sale is final.  A high-resolution photograph of each and every strip has been provided and is viewable by clicking on the smaller photos on each of the gallery pages.  (See the links at the top of this page)  Any major--and most minor--flaws which may be present in any strip can be seen in the photos.  View each lot.  Ask any specific questions you may have concerning the strips, or anything relating to their condition, before you bid.  This sale is final.  That means "as is"--without the privilege of return.  This lot will not be broken up, nor will any individual strips be sold from this lot. 

SHIPPING:  Shipping is by U.S.P.S. Priority Mail, insured (see below).  There is a flat shipping fee of $30.00 for this lot--no exceptions.  Your purchase will be shipped in super-secure packaging. 

INSURANCE:  This lot will be insured at the full amount of the winning bid including shipping costs--at no additional cost to the buyer.

PAYMENT:  For this lot we will be accepting Paypal and certified/cashier's checks only.  No personal checks.  No money orders.  (No cash--for crying out loud, does anybody actually send cash in the mail?)  Your lot will be shipped out within two (2) days of the receipt of funds.

NOTES ABOUT THE PHOTO GALLERY:  The photo gallery contains high-resolution photographs of each and every Sunday and Saily strip included in this auction.  The gallery photo is a small "thumbnail" which links to the larger version.  While the thumbnails are relatively small, the large versions are each between 300 and 700kb in size, and shows plenty of detail.  Simply click on the photo of the strip you wish to inspect, and the full-size photo will be displayed.  (If your browser resizes the image to screen-size, simply "mouse-over" the lower-right hand corner until the "expand size" icon appears, click, and the photo in its full size will appear.)  In some of the photos you may see an unevenness in lighting, from one side to the other.  You may also see in some photos blurring of the image at the higher resolution.  These conditions are not a part of the strips themselves, and merely elements of the photographs.

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