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Star Trek Gold Key Comic Books

Superman Sunday Strips Lot

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Welcome to seans4sale.com
Check back here often for a variety of collecibles for sale and for auction - Comic books, newspaper comic strips and related items.  Collectible books and paper ephemera.

U.S. Postal Covers:

Space Covers : Covers relating to the United States space program

HOW TO ORDER:  Many of these items are or will be listed for bid on eBay.  If you see any you are interested in, please send me an e-mail listing the items you are interested in, including item # and brief description.  I will respond as soon as possbile as to their availability and pricing.

SOLD : Indicates that the Item has been sold and is no longer availabile.

EBAY : Indicated that the Item is currently listed for auction on eBay.  Click Here if you are interested in bidding - you will be brought to a complete listing of what I have up for auction at this time.

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